Tomas Malmberg better known simply as Tommi, is an Icelandic artist and a gold smith with unmatched and unique style, both in his artwork and jewellery. From an early age he showed that he was creative, studying the piano composing music and poems and later taking up tools and sculpting beautiful jewellery and finally earning his masters diploma as a gold smith in 1992 and with it, his insignia stamp of trade T. Malm and thus his artist name came to be. Since then he has been creating enchanting jewellery and artworks that have been shown and sold both in Iceland and abroad, Denmark and Bulgaria to name a few. Even though he is right handed he sometimes draws with his left hand or with both hands evenly, mixing bold long strokes with minor details in artwork that ranges from the smallest necklace to large wall- sculptures that are almost in a way not of this world and would fit perfectly in a surreal abstract dream or simply in an alien high class society.

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